THINCing about joining?

This incubator program is the best for new teams with fresh ideas who are looking for support and guidance. Complete the form below to join us and make your first step into the entrepreneurship world.

The form is comprised of separate parts. Initially, you need to provide some information about your team, as well as some contact info. You will also be asked to upload a file with the presentation of your business idea.

Following that, you’ll find sections B, C and D. These are the following:

  • B: Business Idea
  • C: Business Team
  • D: Business Idea Implementation Plan

Each sections is filled with questions, corresponding to the aforementioned topics. You will have to complete every field, since they are graded. The grades are shown at the end of each question statement.

As a whole, section B holds an overall grade of 30%, while section C holds 20% and section D holds 25% of the final grade. The remaining 25% of the grade comes from a personal interview that our team will have with the members of each team representing a business idea.

All you need to accelerate your ideas!

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