More than 10 mentors provide their expertise to help you dive into the unknown in safety. Focusing on your development, our team of mentors will holistically approach your needs and career development beyond job functionality.

Working Space

Your startup's first headquarters are going to be in one of the supporting co-working spaces.


Focusing on your performance, our team of experts will focus on improving your on-the-job skillset and help you reach your full potential.

Network and promotion

You'll get the chance to meet experts and entrepreneurs. Furthermore, our mentors will take action in order to promote your business as soon as you have a prototype. We will provide you with every tool necessary to create an effective networking strategy and organize events to put your idea out there.

3-month Support

The first round participants will receive our support for -at least- 3 months before they continue to the next round.

Next rounds

Next rounds will include the formation of strategic partnerships and fundraising for our participants.


Along with the right people and space you will need the right tools for the implementation. Count on us and you'll find what you need.

Legal Support

A committed team of lawyers will navigate you through the minefield of legal problems so that you can focus on your role.

Finance & Accounting Support

Budgets, reports, revenues... Don’t fuss. Our financial consultants will provide guidance and care for the proper execution of your plans.

All you need to accelerate your ideas!